Investment conditions    


Wufu door industry willing to work with a business philosophy, has its own marketing team , the strength of community friends work together to create a better tomorrow .
Wufu door philosophy:
1 , brand identity Wufu door industry business model that can perform well on our marketing strategy , expanding door market .
2 , has a good business philosophy and business model.
3, with the whole wood home industry market analysis skills and strong judgment.
4, with marketing and development experience , to effectively improve Wufu door industry market share and visibility.
5 , with a perfect service departments, organizations are fighting an experienced marketing team .
Wufu Doors franchisee requirements:
1 , in principle, the establishment of provincial -and prefecture-level agents, store area of 150 square meters more than the capital city , more than 120 square secondary market , three , four market 70 square feet or more .
2 , stores business premises should focus on decorative materials in the local market or prime location .
3 , the store should have how to integrate themselves in the local contacts, with effective marketing programs and the most effective marketing model to Wufu branding into local brands.
4, in the region where the business to establish a good reputation and word of mouth .
5, there is a certain strength, three more than the market requires liquidity at least 300,000 yuan .
Wufu Doors franchise -building:
1 , according to Wufu store decoration design decoration door unified image , unified brand image.
2 , the shop door with Wufu VI image items , reflecting Wufu auspicious festive Wood cultural brand .
Wufu store opening doors preparations :
1 , market research investment appraisal → OK → shop → → signed store rental store design
2 , signed a franchise agreement to provide storefront size photo → → headquarters and other information provided to the franchisee image Standard Drawings
3 , decoration and construction , according to design drawings for construction.
4 , store the image construction drawings acceptance → to headquarters construction drawings store image photo → Marketing → perform the audit to support storefront renovation
5 , pre-opening activities to prepare ( in advance to the company to apply for the required opening promotional items → Opening Ceremony )
6 , staff training
Confirmation before opening training programs for sales staff, business people , sales service system, personnel training . Headquarters can send specialized personnel to assist in the training , functional training and product knowledge training .
Wufu door dealers to apply to join qualifications :
1 , submit a copy of business license and personal identification .
2 , applying regional market development program.
3 , signed franchisee agreements , compliance and accept supervision.
4 , year-end audit and Renewal.
Wufu door dealers to join the process :
Regional Application → Application → → invited to visit the company back ( Marketing ) → discuss cooperation ( Marketing ) → signed a contract ( Headquarters ) → store design and decoration ( Marketing Department ) and franchisees must know systematic training .

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